Vernon, Connecticut
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Yes same problem tv will not turn on , when it first starting happening I took it as nothing but then every day I came in from work same thing tv will not turn on, remote doesn't work either I stood in push the off on button til it finally comes on, next day same thing all over then I was just leaving the TV on let it burn it plays good nice picture, then one morning my hand hit the remote the TV went off, funny how the remote can turn it off but if can't turn it on, went to work came home late evening tried the TV nothing, I went back in forth for over 3 hours TV never came back on, put it in the closet for bout 2 was later still nothing, got my TV for Christmas year and a half my sister bought 3 same TVs and I got the lemon. A salesman at the store in the electronics dept DIFFERANT store told me to take that element TV to the nearest dumpster , CUZ they use to sell them before and there garbage. #NEEDATV

Product or Service Mentioned: Element Electronics Tv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Same here. Only had mine for a week and i jsut came home and it won't turn on. Simple garbage.


i found out that they are a refurbished tv


I had the same problem to the exact detail on my element TV. They are simple junk!


My new one screeen looks like a 3D find the image page we played with as kids I still don’t see a dolphin in it. But it won’t power off when like that I have to Unplug it and let it reboot then it’s fine for a few days they won’t even let me get it looked at under defective products warranty which is retail required in my state. Products are guaranteed free of defective issues for no shorter than 30 days