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I bought an element TV 42" at target and two months after the TV started to turn off by itself every 5 minutes. I went to target and couldn't return it so I contacted Element customer service, that is awful, and they send some parts and a technician to repair it (it took 4 weeks to arrive).

The technician were not able to fix it and left the tv image upside down. I called Element again and they told me that if I want my tv repaired I need to send it to the tech service and PAY FOR THE SHIPMENT! OMG, I buy something that stops working after 2 motnhs, I am treated like s... buy their customer service and now they want me to PAY for the shipment!

This company is a very bad joke!

Who garantee me that after sending the TV and PAYING for the shipment the new tv is going to work?? NEVER LOOSE YOUR MONEY ON THIS TV BRAND!

Product or Service Mentioned: Element Electronics Tv.

Monetary Loss: $346.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1277940

I have one of 22 inch for more of a year, and I don't have any problems.

Chula Vista, California, United States #1240080

My element 48" has been perfect for 4 years also and it came with a built in JBL soundbar that sounds excellent! That is all!


I bought the same tv and have had no issues for a few years now. The interesting thing I have noticed in forums is people who buy tvs and press the sleep button causing the tv to shut off after the a few minutes of being turned on.

Most have reported back that after turning off sleep mode it was fixed. I do not know that this was the issue with your tv but it has fooled many. To be clear I am not in any way affiliated with element but I am a big fan of buying American and Element is located and assembled in South Carolina.

ultimately brand doesn't matter, issues happen with them all. I goof around in forums and read about tvs before I buy and have noticed every company has issues and many are the same issue.

I also constantly read about bad customer service from them all, but that is mainly because like OP no one posts about products till there is an issue to bring to other consumers.

Sorry, I'm not saying your issue wasn't warranted but in my position I feel they are a great company. Many factors could have led to your disposition and with that I can not speak for your position.

Vallejo, California, United States #1086376

I have a nice 75" laservue Mitsubishi TV. I paid good money for it at a reputable electronics store.

I also have a nice 55" monitor I bought at the same store. It, also, was not cheap. Both of these have worked flawlessly for years. Good electronics products are not cheap.

If you think getting a 42" tv at walmart for $96.84 at walmart is a deal, you deserve what you get. You are also the person that will probably vote for Trump or Clinton like you did obama and then wonder why america is collapsing.

to kuei #1295161

Are you a Monavie Reseller?


Listen genius. You people make me sick.

How stup1d can people get?!? EVERY year companies gather all of their defective products and then box them up with a new company name. In this case Element. They box them up real pretty, put a cartoon charchter on the side for imbec1les to associate with, and then send 1 billion of them to walmart, target or Best Buy for ghetto-living scumbags to fight over.

None of these id1ots, like you, take into consideration that a 99" TV that costs $19 is a piece of cr@p that will either stop working after 31 days of watching your american cartoons, or burn your mobile home down. Last year the name Element did not exist. Next year they won't exist either. I know it's asking alot for you target and walmart shopper m0rons to use a teenie-weenie bit of common sense, but come on.

You know you get what you pay for.

I'm sure if common sense came with foodstamps, people like you would be brilliant! Until then, just keep thowing your money away on garbage and keep quiet.

to Anonymous #1087004

Both of the two commenters are...well dipsticks and should go blank themselves.

to Anonymous #1240307

You are the imbecile. Get your facts straight.

Element has been around alot longer than you think i bought my first one in 07 and i still have it and it works. Its got quirks after all this time but still going. And just because people shop at walmat and target and such does not mean we are ghetto living scumbags. You Sir are ignorant.

If you are going to rant and put people down so you feel better about your faltering ego, you should at least learn how to spell and proofread. And by the way...Element is still around so maybe you should get your facts straight.

to Anonymous Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #1244770

Da*n right! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with ghetto-living scumbags.

It takes all kinds to make the world go round and also, this is actually a genius plan because if peoples homes begin to catch fire there could be a massive class action lawsuit and then maybe people would be able to afford to move OUT of the ghetto.

I rest my case imb*cile. :-)


I have had an element tv for 4 years and it has always worked great

to Anonymous Vallejo, California, United States #1086379

You should have boght a lotto ticket.


I completely agree!!!! I will never do business with them. They sent me a defective TV and refused to honor their warranty.


It's just garbage. I have a 32" that basically spent its first year off, when I started using it after one month the screen went dead.

Called the technical support and somebody with a terrible accent poor guy, tried to explain to me that he was really sorry and nothing else. Never again, I should have known the low price came was not for free haha.



Wish I saw this mine didn't even last a week and they wanted me to pay to ship it then too.


I have an element, 6 years now with not one problem

to john Chicago, Illinois, United States #994793

The same I had my for 6 years and I believe that problem could been solve easy because that happened to me in the middle of the night and it scared me every time but they show me that's on the setting that one of my little cousins was messing around with the control and put the time to turn on but yea I love my Element TV

to Anonymous Vallejo, California, United States #1086371

It does not cost any more to post with puctuation.

to kuei #1097274


to kuei Anaheim, California, United States #1238067

Usually doesn't cost more to use spell-check, either.

to kuei #1240308

Wow!!!!!!! Are you on here just so you can belittle people?

Get a life!!!!

How's that for punctuation?

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