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I have the eleft291 version and this thing is just the biggest piece of *** your company wasted there time and peoples money on. Like what the actual *** is up with this version it doesn't work for *** you can't hook anything up to it with out it showing a blue screen, there's no yellow video cord and the HDMI connection wont connect and give me any sort of picture or sound, your company should of made a transparent screen and stuck a piece of *** in there so when you turn it on you'd be able to see first hand the *** your selling.

Oh and another thing is are your owner manuals for this version made out of *** gold or something? Because there hard to find and people are selling them just the eleft291 manual so figure it out.

User's recommendation: Not good.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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Hi Skyler. Thank you for taking the time to review your new TV.

We’re sorry you’re not satisfied with the screen quality. If you’ve referenced the Quick Start Guide to ensure that everything is connected correctly and are still experiencing issues, please email us at – text us at 888-842-3577 – or chat us

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