In November, 2008 I purchased brand new 26" Element LCD TV from Sears. Not even 2 years old I'm having much trouble w/ power button. Sound , NO picture. All white screen When it does finally come on the picture is good. the service guy quoted up to $400 to fix, that it wasn't the power supply but the "main board" .

DO not buy Element tv's !!!

They are ***!! ***! ***! ***! oh, and the trouble w/ Sears 800# is another story, cannot hear them they don't speak English sre as pain to deal with Sears suxx!

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Thanks for the Heads up!


55 inch lines all over screen second tv first one died. second one is less then a year old element will not help :cry


I brought an one from Target took it back twice because

Problems and stiil have problems I called the company the services are ***

The exact answer I got my tv. Is not working "what do you want me to do"

Los Angeles, California, United States #599907

My 42" is a piece of ***, I bought one for my game room and the *** screen goes blue or turns off on me constantlly. *** piece of *** ima throw it out the window


same here except mine is a 32".started having to unplug to get screen up.

after about 2 weeks nothing. if i plug it up off the cable line it hisses like crazy! have been on element website for an hour trying to find tech support phone number! there is none.

i bought one at sears in 09 so it isnt 2 yrs old, bought one in walmart last year for my den. the kids fussed at me but at the time my bedroom tv was still fine!

dont buy element tvs unless you can get a really good warranty.the walmart reviews are dups of these problems!


Element TV only 3 years old.I just get a black screen and have to unplug and replug at main outlet and "maybe" it will turn on.

Well, that went on for a week.

I need to replace it now.That "jiggling" of the cord no longer trips it on.


Much the same experience.Purchased the TV for a spare bedroom.

Little to no use in the past 18 months. Turned it on one day and the picture flipped on then off with black screen and sound.

Ugh!Would not purchase another one.

to anonymous II #591402

I bought my Element 42" at sears 2 year ago.So far- so good.

The only problem I have is that all the channels on DirecTV that are not broadcast in widescreen. They have burned some nice green 6" wide stripes down both sides where the black is. Now, when I hope am watching a full screen image I love get these beautiful green blotches on both side. I have an RCA 32" that gets used 3 times as much as the Element and it hasn't got any green stripes.

No more Elements for me. Also, it WILL NOT work with my DirecTV remote, no matter what updates and set-ups that Element recommends.

And they have virtually no customer service.:cry

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