I bought an Element 40" TV from Target . The TV shuts off randomly .

I tried for weeks to get Target to take care of the problem and they referred me to the manufacturer ( of some company posing as Element) . At first they said that it would be covered for a tech to come to my house and fix it , then they wanted me to ship the TV to them . What was a real game changer was the fact that they wanted me to lock up $400 on a credit card and they would send a replacement TV while mine was being repaired . That, in addition to having to spend $45 to pack it and ship it to them .

Finally they referred me back to Target , and they said it was a factory warranty .

Tired of playing games . Will never shop in Target and never buy any Element products

Product or Service Mentioned: Element Electronics Tv.

Monetary Loss: $350.

  • 40 Element TV -- Trash
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I just bought a 40" Element TV. Brand new.

From Target. First, had trouble with the remote. Replaced the batteries but no better.

Now, it randomly shuts off. Going to return this crap & pay the extra for a better brand.

De Pere, Wisconsin, United States #1290466

I bought mine at Target Black Friday deal 2016. It's February 18 2017 and my 50" just started doing the same thing. You would think that3 years later they would have fixed the problem!!!!

to Jackie #1312281

Going thr this right now as well

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #771088

Same story here. Although the TV did last almost one year to the day I purchased it at a Black Friday sale at Target. Still, one year for a tv isn't very good -- even for a budget brand.

Austin, Texas, United States #769557

I have the same problem, I took the first one I bought on Black Friday back and exchanged it for another. It shuts off whenever it feels like it.

This TV is *** and they should stop producing them. Never will I purchase anything with the word ELEMENT on it.

to Anonymous Farmington, Michigan, United States #1186819

Our Element TV purchased Christmas 2013 has the same problem.

Wonder if there is a phone # for Tech Support that can guide me to fixing this problem?

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