I purchased a new 40 inch "digital" Element HD TV and found out that it won't receive a signal without adding a converter. Support says it isn't built with the digital qam tuner.

Why does it say it is a digital TV. It says right on the instruction manual that it is a digitaI tv.I will never consider any Element product.

They tried to blame it on the cable provider which I contacted, they say Element TV are the only one that won't work in digital which is why all my other TVs work fine, Sony,panasonic . Don't buy an element product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Element Electronics Tv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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The problem i over the air digital is different than what the cable companies use. You need a more expensive dual tuner TV, but still there is slight differences in encoding that may still cause issues,.


There are many types of digital signals. Element is not lying, because their televisions do have a digital tuner, it's just often not a QAM digital tuner, which is what most cable networks use.


I have the same problem. No digital channels.

Why ask why. Never again!


I shouldn't gripe about this product as I found it in a dumpster and thought "WOW! A NEW TV!

Why anyone would throw a perfectly good tv away was beyond me.

I tossed it back in the dumpster.


I have the same issue on a 33" that was purchased just 3 years ago. It would seem since Federal regulations required digital transmission since 2009 that element is dumping older product lines on the market. Any attorney's out there wanting a class action?


Element tv absolutely is a sorry excuse of a tv no digi internal tuner and a horrible sound!



I found out that Element TVs are not digital, besides being a piece og ***


Get a Channel Master 7003. It worked for my Tv after trying two converter boxes.

Like if helpful. -IP


found out the same thing the hard way..

so disappointed.buyer beware


Exactly. Element TVs are great for Netflix and such, but you cannot receive digital channels (even with cable unless you have a box). Do not buy an Element TV!!!!!!


I bought 2- 40" Element tv's. Neither one will play channels after the channel search.

After waisting 2hrs of my time I found here online that Element tv's have to have a converter box! I will never buy another Element tv.


This is so true!!! My element tv will only work with a converter box! Big rip off I won't buy another element tv!


What kind of converter box


Yea what type of converter box. I'm using an APEX converter box and is not working.


Yes I've bought 2 Element HDTVs and the 1 i have now loses signal with cable hooked up. Called the hotline # 4 Element and they said it wasn't my tv it was the cable.

They wont refund my money or exchange it. So Im out the money i paid 4 it.


They ripped my mom and dad off too. They bought two Element televisions.

I believe they were 27 inches each. False advertisement if ya ask me.


I had the same exact experience.

ELEMENT didn't say anything on the box or even in their manual.

I had to call them to finally figure out what was going on.



Doesn't matter what brand of tv you have, be it Element or Vizio, etc....

Digital air waves go in different directions whether you are on cable or antenna. And most tv's now days are made with foreign parts just like our cell phones, cars, etc....

My husband and I have tried different brand's in the last couple of weeks to me they are all poor quality.

I grew up on total analog and I miss it! When you're in your 60s new technology just doesn't seen to fit into your world. Just remember nothing made any more is good quality. We don't make American made anymore.

I ages Element should not print American made, assembled in U S fine, but be honest then people wouldn't get so upset! But all tv's now days have foreign parts in them!


Typical boomer, afraid of foreign things.... Get off the computer you hypocrite.


the digitial on the box is the actual function of the tv as opposed to ananlog circuits, it does not refer to the signal processor