I purchased a big screen tv a year ago christmas now 3 months after the warranty run out there is a permenant 4inch black line going down the width of it what a joke and like you saved the packaging to ship it back my number is 906-482-9298 I thought this was a good product and word of mouth goes a long way when people ask where you got you cool tv either send someone out to fix it or I take it all back and will take this up with the CEO of your company you can't sell a product for that much money only to expect it to last 15 months.

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Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I was in target for a few days ago and I saw a element TV for two hundred and seventy eight dollars I do believe it was and I was going to buy it but I had never heard of a element TV and I didn't know who made it so I decided to google the element TV to see who made it and I ran across this website and I'm glad that I didn't go with the cheaper price and decided to do a little research before I purchase I'm sorry that that happened to you guys with the element TV and theres absolutely nothing you can do about it and it is throwing your money away I think I'm going to stick with the name brand that I know about like Samsung


You expected the TV to last more than 15 months, but you didn't buy a TV with a 15 month warranty.You bought a TV with a 12 month warranty.

You had the choice. You chose to go with a TV that even the manufacturer will only guarantee for 12 months. Did you think they were joking about the 12 months?

Don't you think they would advertise a 2 year warranty if they expected it to last that long?Why did you expect the TV to last longer than the manufacturer expects?

to duh Hamilton Township, New Jersey, United States #649641

I have purchased MANY products that have only had a one year warranty and they have lasted far beyond that time period.

I too purchased an Element TV. It to is having many problems. It is still under warranty but I didn't realize that the TV would have to be shipped back to the company for service. That information was not stated in the warranty.

The Element TECHNICIAN LIED to me right after I purchased my TV and told me my TV was working normally. Had he told me th TRUTH, I would have returned the TV for a refund. Because of his LIE, I have thrown away money on a piece of JUNK!

I plan on placing the TV on my lawn and using it for target practice. Anyone in my neighborhood is free to join me. I think it would be great advertising for Element Electronics and for Target stores.

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