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My son was so excited to purchase this TV. He had saved his allowance for almost two years to purchase a big screen TV.

I'm a single mom working two jobs to pay the mortgage and fund his college soccer dreams. My son stood like a trooper for several hours praying to be receive one of the coveted TV tickets from Target. This is where God is Great and People are not. God blessed him his wish, unfortunately the people over at Element are crazy *** mean and thought it would be a good idea to dump a bunch of crappy televisions on the unsuspecting public.

This TV started hinting at death ONLY 6 Months after purchase and 5 months after initial use. My son waited until Christmas to gift it to himself, yea he IS that cool. I am so ticked off! I want to shank Element and Target who are no better BECAUSE that useless warranty they hustle folks into buying is exactly that.

Targets warranty is no good until year 2, after the manufactures one year warranty. Pretty genius considering their electronics don't make it outside the first year. I WAS a devout Red Circle Boutique shopper, red card in hand always ready to drop a couple $$$ at the blink of an eye. NOT NOW!

Now Target is the red-haired step sibling to Wally. The next TV purchase I make next year, because it will take me that long to come up with money to replace my sons, will NOT be at Target nor will it be American made by ELEMENT. What a sad sad representation of American integrity and work ethics.

I am sure you were not raised this way. As an American who takes pride in a job well done, I am ashamed of every one involved in this obvious defective product dump.

Product or Service Mentioned: Element Electronics Tv.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #840251

So if the TV has a one year manufacturer's warranty why not simply get it replaced by Element?

to MattD78 Chicago, Illinois, United States #884717

Because elements customer service sucks. I unfortunately get stuck selling these tvs. Some people just refus to listen to people who work in electronics departments.

to MattD78 #1037305

Because they give you the run around like they have been giving me for almost two months!!! I'm STILL trying to get my money back.

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