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My email to Element TV: Element TV is a pathetic company. Your warranty is not worth the paper it is written on.

Since you like to "quote" from your warranty, I believe there is a sentence or so that states you can get use your warranty "locally" to get repairs to your TV. The TV was only 5 months old, and I called the number on the warranty to inquire about getting it repaired. The girl on the phone told me that the company hasn't gotten that together yet and although they had intended to get local access for the warranty it hasn't happened yet. She proceeds to tell me that I have to get a box and then ship it back at my expense.

I didn't have the original box, and the TV was getting worse. Shutting off - going dark- all the time now. We bought a new Vizio TV, which has a much better warranty than your company and is a much better company with much better customer service than yours will ever be. I used the packing from the my new TV and shipped it via UPS for $162.00.

Now, you are telling me it is damaged and I don't get anything. That is such ***. I will be sure to put all kinds of reviews out there for this *** poor company so no one else gets fooled like we did trying to save money. How do I know that one of YOUR workers didn't break it taking it out of the box????

How do I know that you didn't keep it, take pictures of it with my serial number and then take a picture of a broken screen from a different TV????? I want it back and I am NOT paying for it. I am now out $400 for a TV and $162 for shipping and I have NOTHING. I will be calling our local TV station here that may want to look into this return policy scam that you are running.

If nothing else comes of it, at least it will be on our local news and the citizens of Northeast Ohio won't deal with your excuse for a company. I would be ashamed to say that your junk is made in the U.S.A.

No wonder U.S. citizens are forced to by from foreign countries if this is how we are treated in our own country.

Monetary Loss: $562.

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Same freaking thing happened to me. I have a blue line through my TV it's only 5 months old.

They said I had pay shipping. I said that's *** if I would of known that I would of gone else where. She then says it's on warranty card. I said the card inside box you have purchase first.

Freaking idiots. I want my TV fixed it's still under warranty.

I'm not paying more money to have them fix it. It's not broke because of me

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #877090

Same issue. TV never worked.

It had horizontal lines when first plugged in. Element told me to ship it back. I received an email with a picture saying that they received it damaged and the warranty is void.

UPS said that they are not responsible because Element knew that the shipping label was not insured. How is this able to happen?

I had the same experience only difference the tv worked for a couple of weeks. Now I'm responsible for paying the shipping cost of a 50" tv cross country! The shipping charge is almost what I paid for this hunk of junk :(
Reading, Pennsylvania, United States #847517

I also bought my tv on black Friday at Target with the Target extended plan. Target would not honor their warranty had to deal with Manufacturer same night mare. Paid for shipping and the TV arrived totally destroyed I am out $335.00 and no TV.


This junk is made in China by Hisense....25 years ago people begged "Buy American". Now you can't even get anything made in America, made by Americans for Americans. You get what you settle for and the politicians who made this all possible.

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