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November 2016-Bought a brand new Element 43" smart 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV ELST4316S from Target. Set it up and it would not turn on. Tried both remote and manual power button on tv. Taking it back. Will not buy another. Brand new and it doesn't work. Ridiculous.

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My Element Smart "TV" does not have a QAM tuner in it. The company says throught their customer service that this is because of an .."agreement with my cable company" and that I needed to get a cable box. There is a QAM tuner for over the air on this TV. This is a galactically *** design error. The cable industry can't block a company from selling a product. ALso, there is nothing on the outside of the box or even in the instruction manual that... Read more

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Element Electronics - Piece of *** and worse customer service
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Bought a 32" December 2015 for when My daughters visit and put it in their room. Less than a month later, and used two (2) week ends, had vertical color lines on right side of screen (daughters didn't tell Me). Called for warranty after I had it 8 months - had to send pictures of TV, model and serial number, receipt and TV on showing the lines. Then they wanted Me to disposed of it at a recycling center and send them a picture of that receipt.... Read more

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Purchased 40'' FHD Digital LED TV June 20, 2015. December 2016 picture went out, but had sound only. Unfortunately, Limited Warranty for only 1 year. Repair would well exceed cost of this tv. I would never buy another Element TV. The LCD panel had to be replaced. The panel alone would cost over $300.00 and I only paid $250.00 for the tv. I had this tv in my basement, and had very little use. So this was a very poor product even though it didn't... Read more

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My element television was purchase at Walmart over a year ago my picture is showing but i do have voume

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My Element TV is less then a year old and the power button doesn't work 90% of the time. Yes I'm not kidding. When you push the power button on the remote control it doesn't work so you go push the power button on the tv and it still don't work so I have to unplug it for 5 minutes and plug it back in an then I got to keep on pushing the power button and then it finally comes on. I can customer support and there useless. They don't back up... Read more

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Your "DIGITAL" tvs.... 19 and 24 inch do not have digital processors which mean they require a box from the cable company.... How can you sell this tv with digital claims that are false?

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Don't ever waste your money on this *** tv! After awhile it will develop a internal crack on the inside screen and if it your tv is over a year old your screwed!

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