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  • Mar 22
  • Television/ Radio
  • Junction, Texas
  • Tv
  • 42

Tv don't turn on . Just a red light turns on Read more

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  • Mar 14
  • Television/ Radio
  • Melbourne, Florida
  • 50 Inch Tv
  • 193

I just bought from some close out store 4 of 50 inch element TV in sep-2014 not even 6 month 3 of them going blue screen call element ask me for receipt sent receipt ,ask me for how did I paid sent them copy of my check from bank,they say we will not owner warranty no reason nothing . I would buy any other company TV but not element, not even free because you collecting trash at home by buying... Read more

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I sent you a text about my 50 inch tv you said you would get back to me do you not read these I guess I'll take it back to the store and purchase something else very poor customer service when you can't reply Add comment

  • Mar 09
  • Television/ Radio
  • Parkersburg, West Virginia
  • Digital Channel
  • 105

This tv will not pick up digital channels! We called customer care and they said my local cable company had encrypted them! You have to use a converter box to get them! THEY ARE LIARS AND CHEATS! I AM REPORTING TO BBB TRIED TO TALK TO SOMEONE THERE AND THEY WERE RUDE AND ACTED LIKE THEY DID NOT UNDERSTAND ME. WOULD NOT EVEN CONSIDER WHAT I WAS TRYING TO SAY i WILL NEVER PURCHASE A TV FROM... Read more

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Got a 50 inch for Xmas now the picture is turning all white can u tell me what's wrong with it I guess I'll return it this sucks.And it's made in the USA!!!!! Add comment

I got a Element TV .I tried and tried to get in touch with customer service .They will not answer the phone or email .Thanks for a hundred and eighty dollars joke .I am very *** ..... You will not stay in business treating you customers like this I will not recommend this TV ..I guess you are waiting for the warranty to run out . Add comment

  • Mar 08
  • Television/ Radio
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • 40 Inch Tv
  • 1
  • 1
  • 159

Bought my mom 50 in Elem TV Blk Friday 2013 frm Target no problems Thank God .After reading some complaints.Next year bought me a 40 in Elem from Target can't get it to program all channells. HELP Read more

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Tv is no media device mo picture the source no work Add comment

Just bout a 22inch this piece of *** turns off every 5 minutes Add comment

I bought a 65inch tv and shortly after buying it stripes would pop up on the screen and had to tap it to get them to leave. I've only had it 3 months and this still happens off and on. Add comment

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