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This TV is advertised as a digital ATSC, it is not, my cable guy proved that with his own Element TV. Walmart will not take the TV back, I am out $100 Add comment

I have bought four element TVs since 2010. All have failed to operate. All have exactly the same problem, a failed capacitor on the main circuit board. These are substandard Chinese components that all seem to fail shortly after the 1 year warranty runs out. They are aware of this and refuse to address the issue and try to hid behind the warranty in every instance. The implied warranty for electronics with no moving parts is 6 years. That... Read more

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When I got mine the resolution was distorted unless the room wa 70+degrees. After 2 years (the average expected life of the chips so don't by their warrenty for 2 years protection) the lights come on but no screen figure the back light board went bad. Called local big city tv repair they said they couldn't get parts , it's pretty much trash after that. SPEND A FEW DOLLARS M9RE ON SOMETHING THAT WILL LAST AND CAN BE FIXED. If I would have been... Read more

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I will never buy anything ELEMENT products I've made mistakes in my life but this had to be the worst.... Add comment

What happened when your screen shake and look out of sinc Add comment

The antenna connector broke off my Elements TV and after submitting all required documentation and photographs, I have been denied a replacement TV, nor a refund. I realize this is a lesser known brand and therefore cheaper than a brand name, but basic parts should not break off, rendering the set useless. As a consumer who must purchase economically, I still have the expectation of basic performance, as in a television must be able to be... Read more

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I have a 32 inch that i brought a Walmart and it won't work unless you unplug it and plug it again and if you turn it off it stays off. This brand sucks and walmart is worst because they don't honor warranty Add comment

I purchased a 40 inch Elements TV on April 17, 2015 and on April 2, 2016 the screen went completely black...I contacted customer service at Elements and it has been the worse experience of my life. It took exactly one month to get a replacement that ended up being refurbished and it didn't work either so here I am again dealing with the most unprofessional customer service people I have ever dealt with in my life......I was told that there is no... Read more

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I bought a Element 55" 4k Ultra Smart TV on Black Friday at Target.(See Attachments).Then 4 months later the TV started having lines running down the middle of the screen and bouncing so bad that I could not hardly make out the pictures. I had kept my warranty card and receipt so I tried to return the TV to Target for a replacement but Target wouldn't exchange the TV for me they told me that their return policy stated that I would need to return... Read more

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